Founded in 2015 by Cempaka Asriani and Putri Andam Dewi, SARE/studio is an Award Winning, Indonesia's first #everydaypajamas for women, men and children. Its products vary from pajamas to comfortable basics; simple yet beautifully made. Cempaka’s educational background was in Fashion Journalism & Media Business and she also experienced 10 years as Fashion Editor in Nationwide magazines where she shaped her fashion & business sense. While Andam came from Textile Design & Fashion Marketing background with 10 years experience as creative entrepreneur where she gained industry best practices that help shaped this Jakarta-based brand. When at home, they both enjoy their time as homebodies. Cempaka enjoys reading and movie-streaming with her son, while Andam's favourite home-activities are cooking and gardening with her daughter. We hope that our products will always accompany you in bed and beyond.